Media Monitoring and Analytics

Media Monitoring and Analytics

In order to remain on the top of your business it is important to stay abreast with your competitors and different stakeholders involved in the same business ecosystem. An ideal way to do so is Media Monitoring. It keeps you well informed about all the updates related to your competitors and other stakeholders involved.

We at Fusion provide seamless content and media monitoring services that tracks national and international news from all newspapers, news websites, news channels, web portals, social media platforms, blogs and consumer forums, helping you to keep a tab on what’s happening around. It will enable you to make strategic business decisions and manage your client and your company’s reputation.


Media Monitoring 

Real time news updates help to strategies communications plans. With our expertise in multimedia including television, print, website, social media, consumer forums and blogs, you can get access to all the news related to your brand and competitors.

Media Analytics  

Fusion provides psychographic, sentiment, share of voice and demographic analysis that would enable you to monitor your brand name and activities performed by your competitors. These insights will help you to strategies your business communications. 

Archival Services

With massive news pieces in our database, we have a huge media coverage. Our vast database of news would would provide you in depth information about any sector, industry and personality at any given time.



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We can help you run your employee engagement programs. Fusion aims to build the programs based upon your company's core principles while infusing it with people-centric culture. Get in touch with us today! 

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